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Kristin Vanderlip

Rest: A Journal for Lament

Rest: A Journal for Lament

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Rest: A Journal for Lament is a thoughtfully designed grief journal that combines the therapeutic benefits of writing with the sacred, spiritual practice of lament, offering you rest as you journal to find healing + hope.

Let This Journal Be Your Companion + Guide 

If you’ve endured a heart-breaking event or any type of loss in your life, then you know what it’s like to walk through a dark season—a time marked by sorrow, grief, depression, or even despair.

Rest: A Journal for Lament can help you enter the depths of your experiences during the darkest nights. You can process your pain honestly in a safe place and discover that healing and rest are possible. 

Discover hope + healing in hard times through written lament.

If you feel far from God, this journal offers a practical, no-pretense way of drawing near to Him. Through the powerful process of journaling laments, you’ll learn how to release your unrest and hold on to hope.

With the Rest Journal, you’ll learn a simple, yet powerful 4-part journaling structure that helps you express your thoughts and feelings and write a path through the pain to hope and healing for your life. 


    Exterior Features

    Cover: Hardcover wrapped in soft, quality linen, worthy of holding your sacred thoughts and prayers

    Cover Color: Dusk; a deep bluish-gray color, representing a time of light fading away and emerging darkness

    Binding: Swiss flat-lay binding offers comfortable writing anywhere, anytime (no awkward closing while you write)

    Additional Features:

    Gold foiling

    Light gold ribbon for easily finding your place

    Interior Features

    205 crisp white interior pages (100 gsm)

    8 weeks worth of lament journal spreads (or 56 lament entries)

    Each lament entry offers a clear 4-part structure with lightly lined space for expressing your thoughts

    Includes check-in pages with reflective prompts

    The end of the journal contains remembrance pages featuring the following sections: significant dates, a comfort + care plan, memories, quotes + scriptures, what I'm learning, and gratitude + provision.

    A portion of blank, lined pages for personal space + free writing can be found at the end of the journal


    At 5.5" x 8.5" this journal fits nicely in your purse, bag, nightstand drawer, or bookshelf

    205 pages in length

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    Customer Review

    "I’m not someone who typically journals, but this journal helped me immensely. When I felt weighed down by grief—whether from the loss of a loved one, nagging uncertainty, or regret—Lament helped me to name what I was feeling, lay it before the Lord, and remember who He is in the midst of my pain."

    - LEAH K.

    Customer Reviews

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    • Ann Swindell, Author of The Path of Peace and Owner of Writing with Grace

      "Kristin is a gentle guide for anyone who longs to move from brokenness to hope--and to do so with honesty and openness before the Lord. This journal walks readers through a Biblical model of lament and helps to create the spiritual and physical space that's needed for us to be able to reflect and rest in the middle of our painful seasons. This beautiful book would be a thoughtful, tender gift for anyone you love--and for your own heart."

    • Clarissa Moll, Author of Beyond the Darkness: A Gentle Guide for Living with Grief and Thriving After Loss

      "Take a load off, draw a deep breath, and settle into Kristin Vanderlip's thoughtful new journal, Rest. In these helpful pages, you'll find the space to feel deeply and the courage to chart your own course through suffering toward hope."